Intern Alums

Name: Megan Crawford
School: James Madison University, 2012
Major: Communication Studies
Favorite Part of the Internship: I loved the first-hand experience in doing Public Relations (writing PSAs and speaking points) and working with local businesses within Charlottesville and Albemarle County to find out what they offer. It was also great to work with the Charlottesville Newsplex and WINA AM 1070. 
What I Learned: I have learned so much about social media and how to promote an organization by means of facebook and twitter. This internship has also helped me to understand how best to promote an organization or event. I have also been able to refine my writing skills by writing newsletters and communicating professionally with individuals. 
Why I Would Recommend This Internship: Not only are the people in this office wonderful, the internship provide a lot of great experience. The people at the CACVB tell you what needs to be done and then they let you run with it. Whether it's working on the PR campaign or on social media, YOU are the one that is making the difference. Plus, it's fun! How many other internships let you go out into the community to experience things first-hand?

Name: Kelsey Price
School: University of Virginia, 2012
Major: Foreign Affairs, Psychology
Favorite Part of the Internship: Going out to local businesses and events themselves! As interns, we feature and promote the coolest parts of Charlottesville-which means we get to attend opening receptions, learn insider info on local companies, and sample new restaurant creations, all outside of the office! There's never a dull day.
What I Learned: Promoting a "brand" as dynamic as an entire city seems daunting, but it's actually just really interesting! I learned the basics of Marketing and Public Relations for a non-profit, got a feel for how a business is run (it's a small office, which means you meet the whole staff) and gained valuable writing skills from creating newsletter features and contacting businesses. A lot of this job also includes working on the "back end" of our website, so I learned a lot about the CRM, CMS, and WYSIWYG editor. We even learned the business side of social media and photo/video editing! 
Why I Would Recommend This Internship: This internship is perfect for several reasons: I learned a ton about marketing, got to explore Charlottesville, and worked with some great people! They really work to make your time worthwhile, and it certainly was-I had a fantastic summer working at the CACVB, and I would absolutely recommend this internship!

Name: Maggie Landon
School: University of Virginia, 2013
Major: Commerce- Marketing and Finance
Favorite Part of the Internship: I have really enjoyed the opportunity to get out into the Charlottesville community through this internship. As a UVA student, it's easy to stay in the "bubble" of grounds and the Corner. This summer provided the opportunity to learn much more about the community while acting as an agent of the CACVB. I attended some great events, met really interesting people, and learned a lot in the process.
What I Learned: I have learned a lot about the Public Relations aspect of running a non-profit agency, as well as the basics of marketing for an organization. I feel much more prepared to enter the "real world" of marketing after being exposed to many computer programs, such as CRM and CMS, that I am sure I will see again. Similarly. I have gained valuable experience with photo and video editing. Overall, I will leave this summer with a stronger set of both interpersonal and technical skills.
Why I Would Recommend This Internship: This internship does everything a good internship should; I have been exposed to the inner workings of an organization, learned a lot, and met a lot of great people. More than that, however, it was fun! I had a great time working at the CACVB this summer and would recommend the internship, without hesitation, to anyone interested in a wide variety of fields.

Name: Will Griffin
School: University of Virginia, 2012
Major: English Language and Literature
Favorite Part of the Internship: Representing the CACVB at special events, writing restaurant descriptions, and learning social media marketing strategies.
What I learned: While my media manipulation skills considerably improved, I found opportunities in innovational writing to be the most valuable component of the internship. Creating the clever, catchy compositions necessary to attract consumers forced me to expand my linguistic talents beyond the tedium of academia. As someone with a liberal arts degree interested in marketing and advertising, that experience is critical.
Why I Would Recommend This Internship: If you're into coffee-fetching, copy-making, and regular afternoon golf, this probably isn't the internship for you. However, if you are willing to do real work, gain experience communicating with the public, and explore Charlottesville, I doubt you'll find a better office environment or a more supportive staff to help develop your abilities.