Battle of Trevilians Historic Marker

intersection of Louisa Rd and Trevilians Square, Louisa, VA 23090

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One of many historic markers that commemorate important historic people, places or events. Markers are located on the side of the road and are visible 24 hours a day.


Here, on June 12, 1864, Sheridan’s cavalry, coming from Trevillians, attacked Wade Hampton, who had taken position across the road. A bloody engagement followed. Fitz Lee joined Hampton, and the Union cavalry was driven back. That night Sheridan retired eastward.

Near here Custer of Sheridan’s cavalry, raiding westward, got between Fitz Lee’s division and the rest of Wade Hampton’s cavalry, capturing wagons. The Confederates recaptured the wagons but withdrew to the west after a fierce conflict, June 11, 1864.