Confederate Monument, Confederate Cemetery, University of Virginia

Unveiled on June 7, 1893, by Sallie Baker, daughter of former Confederate soldier, James B. Baker.  It was dedicated by the Ladies’ Confederate Memorial Association, a forerunner of the Albemarle Chapter No. 1, #154, United Daughters of the Confederacy.  The speaker for the ceremony on that day was Major Robert Stiles who spoke of the bravery, devotion, and performance of every Confederate soldier and the honor due every Confederate veteran. The monument is in memory of 1,097 Confederate Soldiers. Of these, 82 are from Alabama, 13 from Florida, 224 from Georgia, 84 from Louisiana, 4 from Maryland, 69 from Mississippi, 200 from North Carolina, 161 from South Carolina, 10 from Tennessee, 12 from Texas, 192 from Virginia, 29 whose states are uncertain, and, 17 are from northern states.

The piece consists of a gray granite pedestal twelve feet high on which stands an eight foot bronze statue of a young Confederate solider, hat in hand and rifle at the rest position. Four encircling bronze tablets carry the names of the soldiers buried at the cemetery. Seventeen blank spaces represent unknown soldiers. 

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