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Hollymead Elementary School Athletic Facilities

2775 Powell Creek Dr, Charlottesville, VA 22911


Hollymead Elementary school sits on 25 acres of land. The school has added a luxurious new 1.4 million dollar gym that has allowed the school to offer more in terms of athletics. Their new gym is 7000 sq. feet. The school also offers a wide variety of outdoor sport fields and facilities to entertain youth recreational sporting programs.



Sports Facilities
  • Basketball Courts: There is one black top outside for recreation basketball that has two courts for practice and pick up games.
  • Indoor Facilities:
    • Basketball
    • Volleyball
  • Indoor Facilities (Details): Hollymead just completed a 1.4 million dollar project to equip hollymead with a new state of the art multi use gym. This new gym is 7,000 sq feet in size. It can be used for basketball and vollyball.
  • Outdoor Fields:
    • Baseball
    • Softball
    • Soccer
    • Lacrosse
    • Football
    • Field Hockey
    • Grass
  • Outdoor Fields (Details): Hollymead lays on 25 acres of land that is equipped with two soccer fields. One field is 150' by 300'. The other field is 120' by 240'. The smaller field can be divided into small-area fields for younger recreation groups or can be used for youth soccer. These fields are well kept and are irrigated on a regular basis. The lacrosse fields at Hollymead are the same fields as the soccer fields. They can be divided into 2 fields for lacrosse usage depending on the size demanded for each field. There are 3 fields for softball or little league baseball located at Hollymead. Only one the fields is fenced in. The dimension of the fenced-in field is 60 feet to the pitcher's mound and 200 feet to right, center, and left field. The infield is grass. The other two fields have a 60 feet distance to the pitcher's mound, and have skinned infields.