Hope Community Center

Hope Community Center is here to Serve. We are a private non-profit, which means that all expenses must come from rentals, contributions, or grants.

Hope Community Center partners with Venable Elementary School, Boys & Girls Club, TJACH, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, PVCC, UVA Children’s Hospital, UVA Day in the Life, UVA Madison House, UVA Battle Ground Faith, UVA Black Voices, Radical in Christ Ministry, and many more!

Hope Community Center is a member of the Chamber of Commerce & the Center for Non-Profit Excellence.

Activity Building

$50.00 per hour (gymnasium only)

$250.00 per day (gymnasium only)

$1000.00 per week (gymnasium only)

Academic Building

$60.00 per hour (entire building, less computer lab)

$300.00 per day (entire building, less computer lab)

$1250.00 per week (entire building, less computer lab)

Miscellaneous Equipment

Table Rentals $5.00 each

Table Linens $5.00 each