Jefferson Heritage Trail

Charlottesville To Lynchburg,

(434) 242-2741


Today, Thomas Jefferson’s dream has reached fruition. The Jefferson Heritage Trail is home to the 5th largest wine region in the nation, and with the stunning Blue Ridge mountains as its backdrop, Monticello lays claim to America’s only site listed in the World’s Register of Historic Places. Thanks to the passions of the people who have carried Jefferson’s vision, the Jefferson Heritage Trail is ripe with history, award-winning wines, fine cuisine, upscale lodging and the sensory delights of spas, scenery and shopping.


Sip on wines and taste dishes that he would be proud to serve. Connect with the rich heritage of a state and a country. Experience the casual elegance of the rolling Virginia hill country, and who knows? Maybe you’ll leave with a new appreciation of what it means to be American.


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