Lelo's Pizza

1880 Abbey Road, Charlottesville, VA 22911

(434) 293-6788


Our original store on Pantops in Charlottesville became an independent pizzeria in 2009 and reinvented itself as "Lelo's" in 2016. That year also marked the opening of our second location, at Zion Crossroads in Louisa County. We have always been known for our consistent quality and courteous service. Pizza is what we know best and is the major part of what we do. We also offer side salads and calzones, as well as an impressive array of mostly local beers in the stores. The twin pillars of our operation are great pizza and excellent fast-counter service. If you ever feel that we haven't lived up to your expectations, we urge you to contact us through Facebook or call us in person to discuss the matter. Here at Lelo's, we make pizza from scratch with only high quality ingredients. The dedicated members of our staff prepare several types of sauces according to our long-standing house recipes. We make our dough with a canola/extra virgin olive oil blend, not the soybean oil that many pizzerias use to cut costs. We buy bricks of Grande mozzarella, blending both whole and skim milk varieties of their premium pizza cheese, and we shred it here. We make our four varieties of chicken toppings with all-natural chicken breast. We roast peppers and garlic and eggplant, we chop up fresh vegetables bought every morning, and we make four types of house vinaigrettes. And after we do all this, then we start the even harder job of preparing the actual pie!