Little John's New York Deli

Since 1976, Littlejohn’s has been a sandwich shop like no other. We are a New York Delicatessen with a Southern Tradition. We make all of our products from scratch. From our baked goods, soups, salads, meats and dressings, we use the freshest ingredients available, resulting in a unique combination of flavors. Unlike most major chains, all of our meats and cheeses are hand-trimmed daily to ensure freshness and flavor. You’ll find no pre-portioned meats here! Our authentic roast beef, pastrami, and corned beef brisket come from a 1932 old world traditional recipe. Littlejohn’s smoked ham and oven roasted turkey breast are of the highest quality available. Our salads are made to order and our chicken is cooked fresh, on-site daily. Whether it’s a Nuclear Sub, a Wild Turkey, a Mo-Jo Chicken or just a cup of coffee, we are here to serve you 24hrs a day*. Stop by anytime! We’re open and ready when you are.