MarieBette Café & Bakery

700 Rose Hill Drive, Charlottesville, VA 22903

(434) 529-6118


MarieBette was conceived by Jason Becton & Patrick Evans who first met at the International Culinary Center (formerly known as the French Culinary Institute). MarieBette is named after their daughters, Marian and Betty. Jason left his job as an art director in advertising to a pursue a culinary career at the Four Seasons Hotel New York. While at the Four Seasons he was exposed to many styles of cooking and worked in all of the various kitchens at the hotel from banquets and room service to the main restaurant, the Garden, where he eventually became the restaurant chef. He also had a stint at l’Atelier de Jöel Robuchon where he was exposed to Robuchon’s unique take on simple ingredients elevated to greatness. Jason’s interest in food and all things related was inspired by time spent in France. The use of seasonal ingredients and simple-but-beautiful presentations that he was exposed to there and throughout his culinary career helped shape his culinary style. Patrick, a native son of Albemarle county, first found his inspiration where most cooks do - at home. Patrick grew up in a farmhouse in North Garden where family meals and fresh ingredients from the garden shaped his childhood. He moved to New York City to work in the art world but a business trip to the Galicia region of Spain and a small Michellin starred restaurant there named Casa Marcelo inspired him to take a different path and bring his art to the world of food. After culinary school he worked at Blue Hill and 81 Restaurant under Dan Barber and Juan Cuevas, respectively. An interest in bread making brought him to the New York artisan bakery Amy’s Bread. From there, he became Executive Baker for a successful start-up bakery called Choc O Pain where he helped open two locations in NJ. Hilary developed a love of baking from her German mother. Formerly part of the front-of-house team at the New Jersey bakery, Choc O Pain, Hilary showed an interest in and a talent for pastries. So she moved to the kitchen, where she became Patrick’s right-hand woman. Hilary moved to Charlottesville from New Jersey just to be a part of the MarieBette team.