Michie Tavern Educational Tours

A portion of our mission at Michie Tavern is to provide the opportunity for youth to learn more about our nation’s early history in the context of experiencing our 18th-century Tavern-Museum. True, the Michies and their Tavern are highlighted, but along the way our young patrons learn about travel, social history and politics.

So much to learn…The upstairs Ballroom, for example, was once used as a makeshift school room, space for Sunday worship and offered an additional sleeping area at night. An itinerant dentist may have rented space in the Ballroom or a traveling magician may have entertained Mr. Michie’s guests. Today, in this wide-open sunlit space, youth learn about a room once crowded with activities. And here, a Tavern hostess invites our young guests to enjoy a colonial dance. Period music plays while youth whirl through the steps, suddenly transported into another time. One room, so many lessons, volumes of information to create a learning experience and a lasting impression.

Student Tours…We welcome families and student groups to enjoy the Tavern’s rich history. Our tours are very popular with school groups from around the country because we capture the youth experience from 200 years ago through education and fun activities. Our docents, many of whom are retired teachers, embrace the energy and enthusiasm of our youth groups. Students are guided into the past while experiencing 18th century topics such as travel, social customs and economy. Memories are created through sensory interaction…students are invited to dance a colonial reel and could write with a quill pen and/or experience barter, trade and the Boston Tea party through an aromatic tea tile. Docents adapt interpretive programs to varying educational levels, interests and time constraints.

Educational Materials…Michie Tavern offers an educational packet which includes an overview of our Tavern’s history, lesson plans as well as an additional resource material listing. Our educational packet is free of charge and appropriate for a home or classroom setting.

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