Open Gate Farm

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Open Gate Farm is a small family owned farm located in Albemarle County, just 15 miles northwest of Charlottesville, Virginia. We enjoy providing access to one of the many vibrant local sustainable farms in our community. With a variety of livestock and an abundant garden, Open Gate Farm welcomes visitors to the full experience of a working farm. Our farm tours are designed to be educational, experiential, and fun!  


Our visitors have an amazing time exploring the importance of a working farm in their community. We believe that an up-close and hands-on approach is the best way to provide a meaningful and lasting experience. We’re proud that our farm is clean and safe.


When we say hands on, we mean it. Children will romp with the piglets, gather eggs from under a hen, hold baby chicks, learn how to milk a goat, feed the cows, talk with the turkeys, discover some of the science involved in an organic garden, taste herbs, berries and fresh vegetables, and much more.


See our website for more information and pricing. All tours are by reservation only. Thanks!