Piedmont Hawthorne

301 Bowen Loop, Charlottesville, VA 22911

(434) 978-1474


Piedmont Hawthorne provides a full range of aviation services, including new and used aircraft sales, aircraft service, charters, avionics and parts support. Just say “when” and Piedmont Hawthorne is there with just the right aircraft for your trip.

Piedmont Hawthorne is the largest charter provider in the Southeast USA. With over 30 aircraft from light twins to intercontinental jets and over 100 pilots, they are at your service from any of their locations throughout North America. They operate, maintain, and manage all of the aircraft in their charter fleet . . .Just another reason to fly Piedmont Hawthorne. . . with people you can trust.

Other services available by Piedmont Hawthorne: A/C Handling, GPU's, de-ice - type 1, airstart pilot lounge, conference room, executive terminal, refueling (100LL and Jet-A), on-site rental cars, flight planning equipment/weather room, aircraft maintenance, aircraft charter, tie-down space, hangar/heated hangar/t- hangar storage.