Piedmont Master Gardeners Speakers Bureau

460 Stagecoach Road, Charlottesville, VA 22902

(434) 872-4581


As part of Virginia Cooperative Extension, Piedmont Master Gardeners offer speakers on a wide variety of gardening topics in keeping with their mission to advance environmentally responsible, science-based horticultural practices. PMG’s presentations are informative and fun! Visit www.piedmontmastergardeners.org/speakers-bureau/, and fill out the online form to request a speaker. The Piedmont Master Gardeners are prepared to give presentations on subjects ranging from growing roses to starting a vegetable garden to adding native species to your landscape—and much more. With enough lead time, they can create a tailored talk for your organization. PMG does not charge a fee for speakers, but as a non-profit volunteer organization, it accepts and appreciates donations.