Solidarity CrossFit

770 Harris St., Suite 102, Charlottesville, VA 22903

(434) 218-2111


At Solidarity CrossFit performance based fitness is more than a buzz-phrase, it is our philosophy. We believe in focusing on what you can do above all else. Put away the scale. Walk away from the mirror. Focus on your abilities and the rest will fall into place. Not only that, but the journey will be much more rewarding.


We strive for proficiency in all areas: Cardiovascular Endurance; Stamina; Strength; Flexibility; Power; Speed; Coordination; Accuracy; Agility; Balance. We constantly track progress in these areas in order set goals and priorities. Data is of central importance; stopwatches, whiteboards, and personal journals are as important as any piece of equipment in the gym. Can you run faster than you could last month? Last year? Can you pull your own bodyweight over a given obstacle? Can you pick up your grandchild? Are you progressing towards these goals? In which areas do you need improvement?