The June 2021 Board Meeting can be downloaded for viewing here:


Meeting Minutes

Charlottesville Albemarle Convention & Visitors Bureau

Board of Directors Meeting

June 28, 2021 – 2:00 p.m.



PRESENT: Chip Boyles, Courtney Cacatian, Chris Engel, Chris Eure, Heather Hill, George Hodson, Roger Johnson, Pace Lochte, Ann Mallek, Diantha McKeel, Jeff Richardson, Gary Sandling, Nikuyah Walker


ABSENT: Elizabeth Cromwell, Jennifer Mayo, Gabe Silver


ALSO ATTENDING: Susan Baumgartner



Chairman Roger Johnson called the meeting to order at 2:01 PM.

  1. Virtual Meeting Preamble and Roll Call: Chairman Roger Johnson introduced Susan Baumgartner and invited her to read the Virtual Meeting Preamble and perform the roll call.


  1. Consent Agenda: Roger asked for input on the consent agenda. A motion was made to approve the consent agenda, and the consent agenda was approved. Roger turned it over to Executive Director Courtney Cacatian for the Director’s Report.


  1. Director’s Report: Courtney Cacatian presented the Director’s Report, which included a) Highlights; b) Hotel Performance and ADARA data; c) Discover Black Cville Initiative; d) Marketing and PR Update; e) Sales Update; f) Visitor Services Update.


  1. Highlights: Courtney gave an overview of recent highlights, which included hiring Kate Garber, the new Marketing Manager, launching the mobile visitor centers, receiving the DRIVE 2.0 grant, hiring a new website vendor, and attending meetings.


  1. Hotel Performance and ADARA Data: Courtney presented data on the current industry climate, a few charts indicating hotel performance, and the ADARA Site Impact data.


  1. Discover Black Cville Initiative: Courtney gave an update on the Discover Black Cville Initiative. The initiative was soft launched locally and received well.


  1. Marketing and PR Update Sales Update: Courtney gave an update on marketing and PR efforts, which included picking up annual advertising contracts, printing and receiving a new visitor guide, starting the website redesign process with Tempest, and hiring two part-time contract positions (a videographer and graphic designer) to replace Clean. The CACVB has also applied for a VTC Recovery Marketing Leverage grant and started creating a new digital passport with the Monticello Wine Trail through Bandwango. The marketing team attended the Destinations International Virtual Marketing & Communications Summit and hosted an industry-oriented webinar with CHO Airport. Courtney presented graphs on the results of the paid search campaign and website visitation trends. Courtney gave an update on the PR efforts, which included hosting a variety of writers.  


  1. Sales Update: Courtney gave an update on the Sales efforts. Teresa has secured 4 leads from the Military Reunion Network Annual Summit Visitor Services team and is preparing for the VTC STS familiarization tour. Additional proposals have come through CVENT and the CACVB is continuing to work with the Virginia Bankers Association on event space.


  1. Visitor Services Update: Courtney invited Jodi Gist, the Visitor and Community Relations Manager, to speak about the mobile visitor center launch. Jodi presented on the work that the visitor services team has been doing, the takeaways of the mobile model, Jodi’s focus as a visitor services manager, and FY 2022 goals. Jodi took questions from the Board following the presentation.


  1. Matters of the Board: Roger invited Heather Hill to present on the Board development work that has been done since the last meeting. Heather gave a high-level overview of feedback from discussions with Board members. Heather invited Chis Eure to continue with presenting more specific feedback from discussions with Board members, which included funding and Board dynamics. Next, Heather presented on potential paths forward to discuss and consider, which included advising the existing Board, modifying the existing Board, and creating a plan to develop the Board. Heather opened the floor for discussion. After the discussion, Chris Engel presented what he, Roger, and Courtney discussed following the April Board meeting on what the Board could do about this matter in the interim. The ideas included creating a subcommittee to plan and invite industry speakers to Board meetings and changing the agenda to include public comment. The Board assigned Courtney with planning and inviting industry speakers in lieu of creating a subcommittee. A motion was made to add public comment to the agenda. The motion was approved. Next, Roger presented a plan to address diversity, equity, and inclusion. Lastly, Courtney spoke about aligning the Board on future vision.


  1. Board Announcements: Ann Mallek gave an announcement on July 4th events. 


Chairman Roger Johnson adjourned the meeting at 4:05 PM.