Tastiest Towns 

Charlottesville has been selected as one of the Top 10 "Tastiest Towns in the South"by Southern Living magazine. 

Southern Living editors chose the top 10 towns based on the following criteria:

• Food as a culturalidentity: The unique food or ethnicity that defines a Southern region
• Growth of a culinary-minded community: The influence that the culinary industry has on the local community and tourism
• Diverse cuisine at a variety of price points: Accessibility to flavorful meals at any budget
• Local, sustainable food practices: The focus on sourcing products from local purveyors to geographically define where each meal comes from
• Hot chefs on the rise: The influence of the area's culinary talent in the media and pop culture
• Abundance of buzz-worthy food events: The number of festivals in the area that celebrate all things food and drink