2nd Annual Scorched Earth Metal Fest

Earthling - From the opening chords of their sophomore full length, ‘Spinning In The Void’, it is clear that Earthling has reached beyond the confines of tradition to carve their own niche in the world of extreme music. Charging with a Motorhead like speed, the band cleverly twists and turns through spiraling darkness. Primitive yet visionary, Earthling returns with a devastating follow up to to their acclaimed debut, 2013’s Dark Path, on Forcefield Records.  Cutting their teeth on tours with the likes of Inter Arma and Baroness, Earthling has fully captured the ferocity of their live shows in these six songs.

Dire Hatred -  Dire Hatred is a metal band that started out in April of 2013, originally combining influences of Thrash Metal, Death Metal, and Groove Metal, with anti-christian, anti-government, and anti-human race lyrical themes. After a nearly 2 year hiatus, Dire Hatred returned with new members, and started writing new songs. While keeping the Thrash/Death core, the band decided to add more Black Metal influence with satanic/anti-christian/anti-religion themed lyrics and revealed the new sound with the "Unholy Blood" EP in November of 2016, and has since had the privilege of sharing the stage with acts such as Kataklysm, Carach Angren, Power Trip, Abnormality, and Napalm Death.

Povertybomb - A three-piece explosion of blackened crust punk from Kingsport, TN on Crimecore Records dedicated to bringing filthy mosh riffs to all corners of the world.

Aokigahara - Aokigahara was born in the wooded mountainous regions of Virginia. The somnolent ambient tones reflect the desolate atmosphere of our home. The rain and cold of the mountains reverberate through each note. The darkness and introspective nature of our lyrics are mirrored in the solitude of the mountains. The brooding feelings of ennui coupled with the nihilistic experiences of this world are carved into every song. Fresh off the release of their sophomore full-length "Rebirth In Chaos", Aokigahara makes solemn black metal for fans of WITTR, Sunn O))), and Emperor.

Deathcrown - Deathcrown is Richmond's premier purveyor of ripping OSDM for fans of Entombed, Dismember, Grave, Carcass, Napalm Death, and Morbid Angel. They released their debut EP "Living Hell" on Primitive Ways Records & Lost Apparitions Records. Known for their killer live shows and extensive DIY tour schedules, Deathcrown has quickly become one of VA's favorite death metal acts since their inception in 2014.

Knights of the Forge - Epic Central Virginian power metal trio playing blistering riffs and hitting ball-breaking high notes you didn't even realize were possible. For fans of Blind Guardian, Hammerfall, Iron Maiden, & Helloween.

Archaeobeast - Ancient sludge from the Atlantic Ocean that gained sentience and clambered to shore on the coast of Virginia, now playing grimy doom/death in the vein of Coffins.

3:33 - RVA Crossover Thrash/Punk with hints of grind and pv. Fresh off a split with fellow Richmond thrashpunx Cremains and a 4/20 single "2 Minutes for Thrashing". For fans of D.R.I., Cro-Mags, Napalm Death, Cryptic Slaughter, and Satan.

DJ Jeremy (of WTJU's Cadmium) and DJ Brian (of Salvaticus and Nocturnal Reign) will be spinning the best of extreme music on vinyl in between sets

All Ages // $13 // 5 PM Doors // 6 PM Show

  • 219 W Water Street
  • Charlottesville, VA 22903

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