Adejoke Tugbiyele "Language of the Heart" and Judith Pratt "Point of Origin"

Second Street Gallery is pleased to present two exhibitions: "Language of the Heart" by artist ADEJOKE TUGBIYELE and "Point of Origin" by Judith Pratt. Curated by Kristen Chiacchia, this exhibition will open on First Friday, February 2, 2018 with an opening reception from 5:30-7:30pm. It will close on March 23, 2018.

TUGBIYELE’S "Language of the Heart" is a combination of installation, sculpture, video, photography, drawings, and collaborative performance. These dynamic mediums serve to illustrate how the molding of materials can be a metaphor for self-progress and the boundless opportunities for becoming our best, most honest selves. In Tugbiyele’s words, we “give birth to our true selves when we display strength in vulnerability, while celebrating the magnificent power of transformation we embody.” The exhibition features sculptural figures that display timeless gestures in order to link us with the past, and emphasize the lessons we wish to teach future generations. Her works encourage more than anything an unapologetic commitment to love in the face of discrimination towards race, gender, sexuality, class and religion. According to Tugbiyele, “we can still take flight, push forward, show reverence and assume our place on Love’s throne.”

Pratt’s “Point of Origin” will open in the Dove Gallery and will examine themes of migration and immigration in tackling the distinct ways in which our origins, whether they are a geographic location or cultural belief system, shape our individual and collective identities.The exhibition acts as both a sculptural installation as well as a performance piece, creating an environment in which viewers can explore their own distinct connections to place and identity. Within the exhibition, viewers will be invited to contribute by signing their name and "point of origin" on a pre-cut sheet of paper and attaching it to a spindle, creating over time a new sculptural piece. In Pratt's words, this will "acknowledge the importance of including our similarities and differences without imposing bans."

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