Annie Harris Massie - Lightness at Les Yeux du Monde

Les Yeux du Monde is pleased to present Annie Harris Massie: Lightness from October 6 - November 13. A master of painting ephemeral, transitory effects in the landscape, Massie exhibits 16 new works, some completed on site and larger paintings resolved in the studio. In these recent works, Massie is interested in very specific qualities of light that reveal and obscure form. Many of the paintings were painted when the light was less definite, either dusk or early morning, or when atmospheric effects such as fog or mist, rendered the landscape less defined. The exhibition title Lightness, references luminosity, as well as a higher keyed palette in some works, nimble, delicate brushwork, sensitivity, and a spare mood of stillness. She also seeks in these works to strip away anything not essential to the character of the landscape and to her emotional response.  The paintings may first appear to be created by an economy of means, but closer examination reveals that the work is the result of a long editing process with many layers painted to reduce or distill the subject matter to the essentials.

  • 841 Wolf Trap Rd
  • Charlottesville, VA 22911

Region: Miscellaneous/ Independent of Region

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