In The Forest, She Grew Fangs Cville Pride Benefit

This performance of In The Forest, She Grew Fangs benefits Cville Pride
There will be a Halloween party afterward, costumes encouraged
$25 ticket includes entry to party
$5 for party only

In the Forest, She Grew Fangs tells the story of Lucy, the forgotten girl at her high school, unnoticed except when she’s being mocked and tormented. She figures her life is over before it’s begun. But that was before she met Jenny, the new girl at school everyone is infatuated with. Before she found something in the dark forest–something that fills her dreams with teeth and claws. And before Lucy began dreaming of a world where her bullies are the ones being hunted.

This bloody deconstruction of Little Red Riding Hood takes the familiar elements of werewolves, teen lust, questions of identity and belonging, and high school bullying and puts them through a blender, until you don’t know who’s the victim and who’s the monster.

Where: Gorilla Theater 1717 Allied Lane, Suite B
Tickets: $25
Purchase at the door or online.

Note: The play contains strong adult language, sexual situations, and violence.