Investigate the Inn with Porter from Ghost Asylum & Stephanie Burke, Psychic Medium

2 Days with Porter & Stephanie!
Friday 4/27 - 6PM - 2AM - Registered Sleuths only!
Saturday 4/28 - Noon-4PM, Meet/Greet/Q&A/Photos $25/person - open to the public.

6PM - 8PM, Meet/Greet, 8PM - 2AM Investigate! (Registered Sleuths Only)

Personal readings with Stephanie: Friday 7PM-8:15 & 3-4:15 on Saturday. Pre-registration & Prepayment required. $45/person. 5 spaces available each night. Book soon!

Investigations -$125/person, Pre-registration required. All credit cards EXCEPT AX. All events are non-refundable.
REGISTER NOW for 1 or both investigations! 434.978.4686.
No smoking/alcohol/perfume/open toed shoes - cell phones ok, bring small flashlights. Breaks during the investigation. Have a sturdy dinner prior to arriving at the Inn, no food will be served
SCOTT PORTER..'PORTER' is best known for being the Profiler, Historian, and Co-Owner of the Tennessee Wraith Chasers franchise as seen on Haunted Towns, Ghost Asylum, Ghostland Tennessee and The Exorcist House Special on Destination America. He has also appeared on and won the Old South Pittsburg Hospital episode of Travel Channel’s Paranormal Challenge. This resume of television works has Porter appearing in over 40 television episodes and has allowed him to investigate the supernatural for over a decade. In this short time Porter has become a premier researcher of the paranormal and the historical events related to the locations, fables and lore of said haunted locations.
Porter’s interest in the supernatural is a carryover from his religious upbringing. He has stated that: “Everyone has a story of something they can’t explain. Is it of Godly or evil origin or is it something natural to our environment yet to be discovered. That’s the stuff we want to research, discover and verify if possible.” Many years later Porter would join the Tennessee Wraith Chasers and continue to confront these supernatural experiences and today he shares those experiences with millions of fans around the world. Porter is available for conventions, meet and greet, panel discussion and lecture.

STEPHANIE BURKE has made appearances on TLC's Kindred Spirits, Destination America, and Syfy Channels. Stephanie Burke has been very intuitive since she was a young child, having the gift passed down from previous generations. She has been able to see, hear, feel, and communicate with the other side for as long as she can remember. Having this gift, and growing up in a spiritually active historical home, she thought being surrounded by such energies was in fact normal. Because of this, she developed a love and curiosity for the paranormal and explores it any chance she gets. One of her favorite aspects of exploring the paranormal is uncovering the mystery behind the history!

Stephanie now uses this gift to help others understand that death doesn’t mean the end, but rather a beginning to a new chapter. Our loved ones never truly leave us, and she loves giving people the opportunity to reconnect with their loved ones in spirit. Stephanie has had the opportunity to help families, historical societies, corporations, authors, and television shows with her gifts. Along with her mediumship, she’s been practicing Reiki for 10 years. Helping others heal, relax, and regain balance to their energy is what she truly enjoys through her work. Stephanie is a certified Reiki Master/Teacher and has had the honor to study under James Van Praagh for Psychic and Mediumship Development.

  • 3001 Hollymead Drive
  • Charlottesville, VA 22911

Region: Route 29 North

Located off Hwy 29 N in the Hollymead Community, Silver Thatch Inn is a quick 10 minute drive from Charlottesville Regional Airport, 6 miles from Downtown Charlottesville & a comfortable 15-40 minute drive to Monticello, Ashlawn Highland, Montpelier, award winning wineries & artisan breweries, and some of Virginia's best restaurants. Once a... more