Know Good Beer SiBEERian Express

Know Good Beer is the only local small business hosting beer tastings while raising money for great causes. Our goal is not to be the biggest but rather to provide craft beer lovers with an amazing selection of regional and national brew. In addition, we aim to provide maximum exposure to local craft brewers, artists, musicians, and mobile food vendors.

Come join us in our casual, safe, fun atmosphere January 27, 2018 at IX Art Park In Charlottesville, Virginia.

  • 522 2nd Street SE
  • Charlottesville, VA 22902

Region: Belmont

Imagine a walk-through, sculptural , mural-festooned Mecca that's free and open for the public to wander, night and day. Welcome to the IX Art Park: a public, non-commercial, interactive space for spontaneous dreaming – for residents, visitors, families and solo acts. Indulge your eyes, ears, mind, heart and soul. It's all about possibility.... more