Maupintown Film Festival

The Maupintown Film Festival is a FREE annual event given at the Jefferson School African-American Heritage Center in Charlottesville, Virginia each July, and focuses on celebrating and sharing films of African-American history and culture with the local community.  

Mark your calendars!  This year's Maupintown Film Festival will take place July 13-15 at the Jefferson School African American Heritage Center in Charlottesville, Virginia.  This annual event focuses on showcasing stories of African-American history and culture though film.

Be sure to save the date, because we have a great lineup of films, Q&A sessions with filmmakers and others, speakers, info about upcoming Maupintown Media original films, Saturday Morning Cartoons and some surprise documentary shorts setup for you this year.  

This year's theme is "Aware of the Evidence", as we cover the history of black film, local Charlottesville area history, black women in suburbia, African American art, the history of Pullman Porters, 20th century slavery and more.

Located in Charlottesville's historic Jefferson School City Center, the Jefferson School African American Heritage Center features a permanent historical exhibit, a rotating contemporary art gallery, and a robust calendar of events, all of which combine to highlight Charlottesville's African American history and culture of the African diaspora. more