Milestones Tour ft. Taylor Caniff, Chris Miles, Trey Schafer, Colby James

The average Generation Z teenager, rarely seen without a smartphone in their hand,  is likely following Taylor Caniff on one social media platform or another. He’s a member of the Generation Z himself, but unlike his peers, he’s turned a generation’s obsession with social media into a business that has shaped his life.

After mastering social media platforms such Kick, Vine, Twitter, Instagram and organically growing a following of over 7 million, Taylor joined forces with fellow social-media stars Cameron Dallas, Aaron Carpenter, and more, to forge the highly successful touring Meet And Greet Convention, more commonly known as MAGCON. The events combine a mix of real life interaction with fans, performances, and photo sessions. After nation-wide events attended by thousands, the group disbanded to focus on other aspirations.


Doors open at 5:30.