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Monte Vino Half Marathon, Marathon 50K at Heards Mountain Road

1884 Westview Rd, Vesuvius, VA 24483

(434) 218-0402

  • Dates: November 7, 2020
  • Location: 24981 Blue Ridge Parkway
  • Time: 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM
  • Price: $90 for half marathon, $105 for Marathon, $115 for 50k


The Monte Vino Races are intimate events with limited entries. In this new environment, the Monte Vino Races strive to bring together the running community in a safer, small crowd setting. Our mission is to provide our runners with a safer outlet to practice the sport we all love and support our staff and volunteers with a safer work environment. Future Monte Vino Races will take place in some of the most beautiful mountain vineyard landscapes.

Because of the very limited size, Monte Vino Races have small budgets and cannot provide all the amenities of larger events. To prevent any surprises, please read the information below and understand what is/is not provided at the event.

NO-RISK ENTRY. Your credit card will not be charged until October 26 and you can withdraw any time before then with no penalty. Even tough you will be on a "waitlist", the first 100 entrants will be confirmed entrants. The field will be limited to 100 runners total: the events will include a Half Marathon, Marathon and 50K. On September 5, when registration opens, runners will be able to “reserve” their spot on a first-come first-serve basis: entries will be limited to 100 runners plus 25 alternates. Credit cards will not be charged until approximately October 26 or when the race organizers have absolute confirmation that the event will happen, depending on state and local government regulations and COVID-19 restrictions. Runners will have the option to withdraw their entry any time before October 26: at that time, confirmed runners will be charged and withdrawn runners will be replaced by alternates. Please understand that there will be no refunds or rollovers after October 26. By holding your registration beyond October 26, you understand and agree to the no-refund policy. You will have the option to cancel your registration any time before October 26.