Paulo Franco

Paulo Emilio Franco Londoño is a Richmond, Virginia based singer/songwriter. In terms of recording, it may seem that Franco has come to the game later in life than some, but his musical journey has been a lifelong story. Born to Colombian immigrants and raised in Washington D.C., Paulo embraces his heritage as a first generation American and his songs and style reflect that. As a child, his father turned him on to the country music of the United States via the Johnny Cash Variety show and on his own he discovered a love for rock 'n' roll through the Stones and the Beatles. At the age of nine, he picked up a classical guitar and a musician was born. After years of playing in various cover bands and honing his chops, Paulo began writing his own material in earnest in 2010.

Paulo's songs are steeped in storytelling, often from his own life and from those around him. The sound is a perfect blend of numerous influences that have shaped both his everyday life and his musical tastes. Listeners will find John Prine's wit, The Stones' rock and roll heart, and The Grateful Dead's fluidity, often infused with the rhythms of traditional Latin and Colombian music. He has recently included original songs in Spanish in his compositions, bringing a deep love of two cultures rarely seen during the same show or album. Paulo changes his voice from country folk singer, to the rock hymn, to the Spanish troubadour. His voice is so authentically Spanish, that it is easy to forget that you heard him sing a country song in English so effortlessly.

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Region: Crozet

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