Sports Bar / Breakers / Z Plan

Sports Bar – “There’s two kinds of garage bands: those who’s musical endeavors are limited to practicing in their parent’s basement between rounds of bagel bites, and those that take firm grasp of the loud, fuzzy, rawness of the pre-digital era and channel it into the kind of rock n’ roll you can fuck, fight, or party to, or all three. Sports Bar is the latter.”

Breakers are a rigorously-calculated, riff-driven, proto-punk alt-rock group out of Charlottesville, VA that deliver an acerbic, infectious sound reminiscent of The Strokes and Queens of the Stone Age. The brainchild of frontman Lucas Brown, the music that Breakers would eventually play finds its roots in NYC when Brown first started writing/composing it in 2009. Extracting inspiration from acts such as The Beach Boys, Green Day, John Cage and The Who, it’s a realized compositional style spray-painted with simple, straight forward New York rock n’ roll. “Debussy meets alt rock” – Anonymous fan

Z Plan – Repurposed and reformatted pop songs from Baltimore by way of Harrisonburg.

All Ages // $8 // 8 PM Doors // 9 PM Show

  • 219 W Water Street
  • Charlottesville, VA 22903

The Main Street Annex was founded in July 2012 by Jeyon Falsini of Magnus Music, LLC. His vision is to create a space for the often overlooked local and regional acts. What was once a clothing store has transformed into a fully functional music venue hosting Charlottesville’s newest bands, local favorites, and touring regional acts, now under the... more