The Hard Cider Run!

Best hard cider in Virginia? Yep! Gorgeous orchard with incredible views? Yep! And we get to experience it all this spring? You betcha! Located 15 minutes from C'ville, Albemarle CiderWorks provides an amazing 5K trail run experience. The course features one long, gradual hill. Make it up and it's smooth sailing to the finish line where a cold, hard cider awaits!

  • 2545 Rural Ridge Lane
  • North Garden, VA 22959

Region: Miscellaneous/ Independent of Region

Albemarle CiderWorks is a family-run Cidery and Tasting Room that produces cider from heritage varieties of apples that can thrive in Albemarle County,Virginia. Thomas Jefferson experimented with 18 or more varieties of apples at Monticello, only a few miles from our orchard at Rural Ridge. We grow a dozen or so of those heritage cultivars that are... more