Vegan Roots Fest

Come out to Booker T. Washington Park on Saturday, September 29, from noon-6 and grab decadent vegan food, have a beer/wine/cider, listen to renowned speakers, and celebrate all the ways veganism is for the animals, the people, and the planet: a win-win-win!

Washington Park is gorgeous (and friendly for companion animals!), so bring everyone and plan to hang out with us under the trees. We’ll have 50+ exhibitors so that you can get to know the local and national movers and shakers in animal, social, and environmental justice. And of course we’ll have vendors selling all kinds of vegan products and swag. Experts on hand can talk nutrition, menus, vegan parenting, animal sanctuaries—whatever your questions are, we’ll have someone who can answer them!

  • 1001 Preston Ave.
  • Charlottesville, VA 22903

The land on which Booker T. Washington Park lies today was once part of John H. Craven’s Rose Hill Plantation, one of several large farms surrounding Charlottesville before the Civil War. Following the Civil War former slaveholders like the Cravens could no longer afford to cultivate such large tracts of land. Real estate development companies... more