Fry's Spring Beach Club

2512 Jefferson Park Ave., Charlottesville, VA 22903


Fry’s Spring Beach Club (FSBC) is a private, nonprofit club to which members pay annual dues and fees. FSBC had the first, and for quite some time the only, 50-meter pool in the area. Established in 1921, we celebrate 90+ years of “good times in and out of the water” while offering a unique blend of modern day life and yesteryear charm.


During the pool season from May through September, members enjoy grass over concrete, shade over blazing heat and country over city, although we’re in the city. Members fill their weeks by playing with their kids, talking with their friends, swimming their laps under open skies, reading the paper on lazy Sunday afternoons and drinking a glass of wine with their honey as they watch the sun set.


We have concerts (indoors and out), potlucks and parties. We have lap swimmers who slip into the water early in the morning before the busy day starts. We have swim lessons and tennis lessons and plenty of scheduled activities to go around. We have parents rushing kids to swim team practice. We have competitive swim meets with laughter and tears, splashes and cheers and grownups nervously timing their swim team dolphin. We have wireless internet if you have to work and water aerobics and yoga classes if you want to work out. And, we have a laid back place with relaxed members where you can just hang out under a tree that’s been around for 100 years, listening to the sounds of summer, and know that your kid, if you have one, is getting to experience a little bit of childhood the same way you did.