The Pie Chest

119 4th Street NE, Charlottesville, VA 22902

(434) 977-0443


I want to tap into those memories of being at grandma's house. Things were simple. There was probably food, and delicious food at that. Two of my earliest taste memories come from baking with both of my grandmothers - something as simple as chocolate chip cookies, bringing together simple ingredients into a simply delicious product; picking strawberries from a backyard patch, hulling and slicing, dipping in sugar. The taste, sight, feel, smell memories resonate deeply still. Those memories are born out of life before it got complicated, so to speak. The best things in food are usually simple. Few ingredients but ones with integrity, made completely from scratch by hand. Something savory or sweet, made with love, served with care and enjoyed. Those are our values. When the opportunity came to open this shop, the motivation came from the success of the desserts at The Whiskey Jar - rustic cobblers, southern pies, quaint and humble offerings made with care. Nothing looks perfect, but we hope tastes pretty darn close. Things are made in small batches continually to ensure freshness. We basically bake and make what we love to eat and hope that others will want and love the same. The Pie Chest strives to be a place where simple, delicious, humble food is served and received with the warmth in which it is made. -Rachel Pennington, Baker & Co-Owner