Carr's Hill

1717 University Ave, Charlottesville, VA 22903



The president of the University of Virginia makes his home at Carr's Hill. When it was being built from 1907 to 1909, the south lawn of Carr’s Hill was terraced to create a green sweep of grass and trees down to University avenue. In subsequent years, the gardens around the house have evolved to suit each president’s needs and tastes, while the front lawn retains its essential historic character. To the east, directly in front of the two-story Carr's Hill Cottage is a parterre herb garden enclosed by a low square of boxwood. The herb garden elegantly combines the circular and rectilinear contours of the upper and middle sections of Pavilion Garden IV. Crape myrtle, viburnum, and fragrant narcissus line the path to the house, screening the small kitchen patio. The brick paths leading to the terrace are lined with azaleas, rhododendron, mountain laurel, and burford holly. Anemone and crocus bulbs herald the arrival of spring, along with the Jeffersonia diphylla, or twinleaf, a native plant named for the University's founder, Thomas Jefferson. These woodland plants are in bloom on his birthday, April 13. Screening the porte-cochere (covered driveway entrance), two magnificent Kousa dogwoods, planted on a grassy mound, bloom through the early summer. Underplantings of daffodil and hosta add early color to the trees, and large white azaleas provide a gentle background.



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