Turk Mountain Vineyards

8982 Dick Woods Rd, Afton, VA 22920



Nestled on the eastern foothill of the Blue Ridge mountain, in the heart of the Virginia Monticello wine district atop its own little mountain, Turk Mountain Vineyards benefits from an exceptional location: deep loamy soil on granitic bedrock, hill top subject to constant thermal drafts as soon as the sun shines, North South sun exposure with the added protection from westerly violent storms by a mature forest. TMV is a small vineyard of 5 acres, making good use of the land and provides an aesthetic enhancement of the site. Plum, peach, apple trees have been planted to enhance the homestead feeling. We are here for an improved quality of life, ours and that of our visitors. To widen the possibilities, we have also planted successively Malbec, Cabernet Franc, Merlot and Tannat in small blocks: with these additions, the ingredients of a Bordeaux style blend were assembled. The majority of our grapes are sold to wineries in the area; the quality of our grapes is premium given the great care in their upbringing on an exceptional location. The result is in their excellent and award winning wines. A single lane unpaved rough road climbs our mountain through the forest from county (Albemarle) Rte 637. Sorry no vini-tourists. TMV is a family affair and will remain private for the foreseeable future. Special arrangements are not off limit however; we like to share the view with visitors!