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Twin Oaks Intentional Community

138 Twin Oaks Road #W, Louisa, VA 23093

(540) 894-5126


Tours of Twin Oaks are given almost every Saturday afternoon from March through October, and on most alternating Saturdays from November through February. The tour guide will tell you about the history, culture and philosophy of the community and will be available to answer any questions you may have. The tour is from 2 - 5 pm, and much of this time is spent walking around the community. Please dress appropriately for the weather, wear comfortable walking shoes, and let the community know if you have particular mobility needs. Do not bring pets. Phone (540) 894-5126 during regular business hours to make reservations. The fee is $5.00 per person for the tour. <p> Twin Oaks is an intentional community of around 85 adults and 15 children living on 465 acres of farm and forest land in rural Louisa County, Virginia. Since the beginning of the community in 1967, their way of life has reflected their values of cooperation, sharing, nonviolence, equality and ecology.<p> Members of Twin Oaks do not have a group religion; their beliefs are diverse. The community does not have a central leader; governance is by a form of democracy with responsibility shared among various managers, planners and committees. The community is self-supporting economically and partly self-sufficient. Community members are income-sharing. Each member works 42 hours a week in the community's business and domestic areas. Each member receives housing, food, healthcare and personal spending money from the community.<p> Twin Oaks community members produce hammocks and casual furniture which generates most of their income, with book indexing and tofu making providing much of the rest. Still, less than half of members work goes into these income-producing activities; the balance goes into a variety of tasks that benefit the quality of life of the community members - including milking cows, gardening, cooking and childcare. <p> A number of members choose to be politically active in issues of peace, ecology, antiracism and feminism. Each summer they are hosts to a Women's Gathering and a Communities Conference where they welcome both experienced communitarians, and seekers who are new to community living.<p> Twin Oaks invites those interested in the community to join the mailing list and/or receive an information packet about them. The form can be filled out on line at their web address or you can write for one.



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