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Here in Charlottesville we have a problem; there are too many spectacular vineyards to spend your day at just one.  The solution: wine tours.  

Charlottesville's wine tour services provide you with the opportunity to taste several award winning wines in just one afternoon!  The wine tours supply designated drivers and transportation to get you from vineyard to vineyard.  If you're overwhelmed by having to decide which of Charlottesville-Albemarle's twelve stunning vineyards you want to experience, the knowledgeable people at the wine tour businesses will custom design a route for you.  

As the weather gets colder, most wineries stay open.  Some large groups find that tours during the winter are ideal as the vineyards are less crowded.

Whatever the weather, wine tours around Charlottesville allow you to indulge in the area's award-winning wines without having to draw straws to determine who has to drive. 

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