Project Rebound

Safety has always been an important consideration for a visitor when selecting a destination. However, in these times, it’s become even more vital. When businesses, non-profit organizations and local government came together in Charlottesville and Albemarle County to work on Project Rebound, the tourism industry was eager to participate. Always customer-facing, the tourism industry has been among the hardest hit industries in world during the pandemic and the most eager to recover safely.


In recognition of this collaborative effort and the collective experiences a visitor has in a destination, the following businesses have signed on to participate in Project Rebound and have made a pledge to reopen safely. Please know as a visitor that these are just a handful of safe experiences you can participate in when you visit. Please reach out to us if you have any questions about your upcoming experience. And please also do your part to keep our community safe by wearing a mask inside and practicing social distancing. We hope you have a wonderful visit!


Project Rebound Participant List:

  1. Angelic’s Kitchen
  2. Brown’s
  3. La Flor Michoacana
  4. La Joya Mexican Restaurant
  5. Mel’s Cafe
  6. Moose’s by the Creek
  7. Pearl Island
  8. Royalty Eats
  9. Random Row Brewing Co
  10. Cavalier Diner
  11. JBD Event Catering & Soul Food
  12. Dejua’s Creationz LLC.
  13. Charlottesville Chamber Music Festival
  14. North American Sake Brewery
  15. Unlocked History Escape Rooms
  16. Jefferson School Foundation
  17. J.Fenton Too/Quilts Unlimited
  18. Blue Moon Diner
  19. Vitae Spirits Distillery
  20. The Paramount Theater
  21. Cville Coffee
  22. Great Harvest Bread Company