Silverback Distillery

9374 Rockfish Valley Highway, Afton, VA 22920


Silverback Distillery is committed to producing the finest quality American bourbon, rye whiskey, gin, and vodka. In leveraging innovative engineering, we have created a production process that uses geothermal technologies for chilling and heating water during distillation. The first distillery in the nation to do so, Silverback has nearly 5 miles of geothermal piping that use the temperature of the earth to cool water during the distillation process. The purest water in Virginia flows over beds of limestone before reaching our 75 foot deep aquifer that produces approximately 30 gallons per minute. Silverback uses cutting edge reverse osmosis technology to produce exceptionally pure water for distillation. Our 27 foot continuous column still provides the most refined distillation process possible, and our 150 gallon modified pot still is fitted with a gin basket that allows a premium London dry process. All grains used in Silverback spirits are exclusively from ultra select stock and are finely ground in order to yield unparalleled product every single time.