Snowing in Space Coffee Co.

2415 Ivy Rd, Charlottesville, VA 22903

(434) 228-1120


We are a coffee company on a mission: To bring you creamy, delicious nitro cold brew coffee that'll rock your socks off! At Snowing in Space, we’re crafting a wide-variety of tasty, ready-to-drink nitro cold brew coffee styles that are served on tap and in cans. Our creamy, delicious nitro coffee can be found at our Space Lab on West Main Street in Charlottesville, VA where we have 10+ taps serving different varieties of nitro cold brew coffee, and also in stores and offices in Charlottesville, Richmond, Northern Virginia and Washington DC. Most of our flavors are simply coffee, water & nitrogen…though sometimes we get crazy and blend a coffee with a peppermint green tea or chai. It turns out there is a wonderful world of flavor inside a single coffee bean. This flavor is often much easier to recognize and appreciate when the coffee has been cold brewed rather than hot brewed…not to mention, the final product is typically less bitter, less acidic and full of that creamy, full bodied nitrogen. Come and join us at the Space Lab on Main Street. We have a wide selection of cold nitro brews on tap. Want to sample a number of brews? Grab a flight! Have a favorite? Get a growler to go and enjoy Snowing in Space at home.